Introduction by Rosalind Laker

“I suppose I was destined to be a writer, having written English compositions at school that had soared through the top marks in exams.”

Novels by Rosalind LakerOn the day I left school I was given some special advice by my English composition teacher. She said, “Never give up your writing!” Now I have been published in twenty different languages.

I took note of her words, but I had won a three year scholarship at art-school, during which time I also studied the history of costume, which means I can date any painting by the clothes and my characters are always in the correct clothes for the period.

Then came marriage with my Norwegian husband, Inge, and the early years of bringing up our family, spending summers in Norway where we still have a home in a secluded and beautiful valley.

It was as our son and daughter began to grow up that I realised I had time at last in which to write. I bought an old typewriter for five pounds and tapped out an article about a country bus that I had travelled on as a child. I sent it to COUNTRY LIFE. It was accepted by return of post and from then on I launched into writing innumerable articles for a great number of magazines.

Then one day, after reading a short story in a women’s magazine, I decided to try my hand at romantic fiction, so I wrote a love story and sent it off to a suitable magazine called HONEY. Now here is a tip for would be writers: the Editor told me that she picked it up from her desk out of all the rest because of its pristine condition – it had obviously come first to her and was not tattered by having gone the rounds of other publishers. She accepted it immediately with the request that I should send her any other stories I had written. Not having any in stock, I wrote two more and as I result I was invited to a champagne luncheon in London to celebrate the editor’s discovery of a new writer.

My last novel, “Garlands of Gold” is set in the 17th Century world of cosmetics, is a tale of love, rivalry and heartache.

I have now just completed “The House by the Fjord” which is set in Norway, just after Nazi occupation in 1946 where a young woman visits her late husband’s homeland.