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Most of Rosalind Laker’s books are also available in large print and paperback
Books are in reverse chronological order (most recent first).  All covers link to their respective titles on Amazon. The covers shown are the original published versions and may appear different to the republished versions online.

The House by the Fjord by Rosalind LakerThe House by the Fjord
Severn House U.K. 2011

A touching and atmospheric love story – When Anna Harvik travels to Norway in 1946 in order to visit the family of her late husband, the country is only just recovering from five cruel years of Nazi occupation. So it is with surprise that she finds in this cold and bitter country the capacity for new love and perhaps even a new home.

Garlands of Gold by Rosalind LakerGarlands of Gold
Severn House U.K. 2008

In seventeenth-century Rotterdam, a young girl, newly orphaned, is employed as a lady’s maid to Vrouw Gibbons, English-born wife of a wealthy merchant. Saskia is capable and hard-working, but it soon becomes apparent that her talent for the manufacture of beautifying face balms and other potions – a legacy from her mother – far exceeds her lowly status.

Brilliance by Rosalind LakerBrilliance
Severn House U.K. 2007

The story of a young woman destined for movie stardom on the Silver Screen. It spans the time between the Lumiere brothers perfecting their first movie camera in 1895 to the hey-day of silent movies when audiences packed every performance.

To Dream of Snow by Rosalind LakerTo Dream of Snow
Severn House U.K. and U.S. In France: Reve de Nege.

Catherine the Great of Russia summons a French dressmaker and her assistants to create many beautiful gowns for her and how they adjust to life in the great palaces of Moscow and St.Petersburg. (Also on Audio).

New World New Love by Rosalind LakerNew World, New Love
Severn House U.K. 2003. In France: La Belle Chapeliere.

Two sisters, fleeing from the French Revolution, find refuge in the United States with unexpected consequences, (also on Audio)

The Fragile Hour by Rosalind LakerThe Fragile Hour
Severn House U.K 1996.

With the coming of the liberation of Norway from the Nazi occupation there was a fragile moment when the Nazi commandant had to decide whether to fight on or surrender to the Allies. As with the rest of the Norwegian population, the heroine’s whole future and that of the man she loves depend upon his decision.

Orchids and Diamonds by Rosalind LakerThe Fortuny Gown
Doubleday U.K and as Orchids and Diamonds Doubleday U.S. 1994. In France: Belle Epoque.

The Spanish designer, Fortuny, lived in Venice and created unique and very beautiful pleated silk gowns that were works of art in themselves. This is a story of a young woman who possesses one of these gowns. (also on Audio)

The Sugar Pavilion by Rosalind LakerThe Sugar Pavilion
Doubleday U.K. and U.S. 1993. In France: Le Pavilion de Sucre

A French confectioner’s daughter is employed at the Royal Pavilion in Brighton where the Prince Regent leads an extravagant life that affects all who cross his path, including the heroine and the man she loves. (also on Audio)

The Venetian Mask by Rosalind LakerThe Venetian Mask
Doubleday U.K. and U.S. 1992. Republished in 2008 by Three Rivers/Crown. In France: Masque Du Venise.

Two friends, growing up in the Venetian orphanage where Vivaldi composed some of his most beautiful music, make very different marriages, but their lives continue to be linked through many dramatic events that affect them and the city.

The Golden Tulip by Rosalind LakerThe Golden Tulip
Doubleday UK and Doubleday U.S. Republished in 2007 by Three Rivers/Crown. In France: La Tulipe D’Or

The heroine is apprenticed to the great artist, Jan Vermeer.

Circle of Pearls by Rosalind LakerCircle of Pearls
Doubleday U.K. and U.S. 1990.

Pearls, once owned by Queen Elizabeth I, influence the lives of the women who inherit them.

To Dance with Kings by Rosalind LakerTo Dance with Kings
Eyre Methuen U.K.1989, Doubleday U.S 1989. Republished in 2007 by Three Rivers/Crown. In France: Aux Marches Du Palais.

Four generations of women live their lives against the growth of the Palace of Versailles from a hunting lodge to its dazzling magnificence until the end of its glory in the Revolution. Now available in paperback.

The Silver Touch by Rosalind LakerThe Silver Touch
Methuen U.K.1987, Doubleday US 1987. In France: Le Sceau D’Argent.

Hester Bateman, the famous Georgian silversmith, lived in her husband’s shadow until circumstances brought her talents to the fore. (also on Audio)

Tree of Gold by Rosalind LakerTree of Gold
Methuen UK 1986, Doubleday U.S 1986. In France: Les Tisseurs De ‘Or.

On her way to her wedding the heroine meets the only man she will ever love, but they are rivals in the silk industry that made Lyon the City of Silk.

This Shining Land by Rosalind LakerThis Shining Land
Methuen U.K.1985, Doubleday US 1984. In France: Les Neiges de Norvege

When Norway is brutally invaded by the Nazis in WWII., the heroine joins the Norwegian resistance, which was itself praised by President Roosevelt in one of his most moving wartime speeches.

What the Heart Keeps by Rosalind LakerWhat the Heart Keeps
Methuen U.K.1984, Doubleday U.S. 1984.

The heroine is one of countless destitute children and young people sent to Canada for a better life, but for many of them not all went well.

Jewelled Path by Rosalind LakerJewelled Path
Methuen U.K.1983, Doubleday 1983. In France: Le Sentiernd, Emeraudes

The jewel-studded world of the great Faberge opens up to the daughter of a London jeweller. (also on Audio)

Gilded Splendour by Rosalind LakerGilded Splendour
Methuen, U.K.1982, Doubleday U.S.A 1982.

Thomas Chippendale started humbly in life, but became the great furniture-maker while meeting love and tragedy along the way.

Banners of Silk by Rosalind LakerBanners of Silk
Methuen 1981, Doubleday U.S.A 1981. In France: Mademoiselle Louise.

Charles Worth, a young Englishman, practically penniless, went to Paris in the early 1800s and became the great fashion designer who taught women world-wide how to dress.

Warwycks Choice by Rosalind LakerWarwyck’s Choice
Doubleday U.S.A 1980, published in the U.K. as The Warwycks OF Easthampton, Methuen 1980.

The third generation of Warwycks are still subject to old hates and rivalries of the past. (also on Audio)

Claudines Daughter by Rosalind LakerClaudine’s Daughter
Methuen U.K 1980, Doubleday U.S.A, 1979.

The daughter of Daniel Warwyck’s mistress comes seeking her late mother’s past. (also on Audio)

Warwycks Wife by Rosalind LakerWarwyck’s Wife
Methuen UK 1979, also by Doubleday U.S.1978 as Warwyck’s Woman

This is the first book in my Warwyck trilogy. A gentleman pugilist, named Daniel Warwyck, buys a woman being sold by her husband at auction, not knowing she is to become the love of his life. (also on audio)

Ride the Blue Riband by Rosalind LakerRide the Blue Ribband
Hale, U.K. 1976, also by Doubleday U.S.A 1977. Republished as The Marlows.

This gives a horse-racing background to the lives of three sisters.

The Smuggler's Bride by Rosalind LakerThe Smuggler’s Bride
Hale, 1975, also by Doubleday U.S.A 1975

The heroine marries an old retired smuggler out of pity, not knowing the secret of his terrible past. (also on Audio)

Fair Wind of Love by Rosalind LakerFair Wind of Love
Hale, 1974 (published under the pseudonym Barbara Douglas by Doubleday U.S.A,1980)

Emigrating to Canada in the early 18th century, the heroine finds love, but also has to endure the attack on Toronto by American forces in the war of 1814.

The Shripney Lady by Rosalind LakerThe Shripney Lady
Hale, U.K. 1972

A young woman becomes involved in the strange happenings at a Tudor mansion, which is known to me and based on its history and legends.

Sail a Jewelled Ship by Rosalind LakerSail a Jewelled Ship
Hale, U.K. 1971

The building in the seventeenth century of the famous Swedish ship Wasa by Dutch shipwrights and of the women who loved them.

Far Seeks the Heart by Rosalind LakerFar Seeks The Heart
Hale, U.K. 1970

The story of Ellen Sinclair, wife of a Scottish chieftain, who stepped briefly and dramatically into history during the 17th Century and what I believe happened to her.

Sovereign's Key by Rosalind LakerSovereign’s Key
Hale, U.K. 1970

Story of a fine 18th Century House being threatened with demolition, told through the life of a young girl growing up amid all the changes that were taking place.