The House by the Fjord

The House by the Fjord

PUBLISHED: Severn House Publishers Ltd 2011
ISBN: 978 0 7278 8005 5
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When Anna Harvik goes to Norway in 1946 this beautiful country is still recovering from five cruel years of Nazi occupation. Her late husband was a pilot in the Royal Norwegian Air Force and she has come to visit his homeland and to meet his family, in spite of being in doubt about how she will be received.

She stays with Molly, who with other English war-brides makes her welcome. On her first day a lawyer, Alex Ringstad, comes with what is virtually a command from her father-in-law that she accept ownership of an old house that has a unique history.

In spite of many difficulties, and facing up in those Northern climes to the coldest winter in living memory she finds love and much more in the country that becomes her own.

Only Rosalind Laker could have written this book as she experienced being a war-bride in those difficult years, although the officer, Karl, and the family of Harvik are pure fiction. Her own reception from her in-laws was one of loving welcome.

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