First ‘Rosalind Laker Award’

Sarah Lienard wins the first “Rosalind Laker Award for Creative Writing”

At an award ceremony at The University of Reading (UK) on Wednesday July 7th, the first presentation of the Rosalind Laker Award for Creative Writing took place.

The prize was for the best piece of creative writing by a final year student of The University of Reading. Professor Peter Robinson, the Head of the Department of English Literature, commented that the winning piece of original work was outstanding and that Sarah Lienard was a deserving recipient. The prize was presented by Rosalind’s son, Paul Ovstedal. In a brief speech he referred to how much Rosalind had loved to help new writers and would have been delighted by the encouragement the prize will give future new writers.

The University of Reading has the Rosalind Archive comprising her articles, research material and books in a number of languages. The material can be available for visitors to the University and, when catalogued, will be searchable on the internet.