Dedication to Rosalind Laker

Christine Trent dedicates her latest book to Rosalind Laker

Christine Trent is the author of successful historical mystery books. She has dedicated her latest, Stolen Remains, to Rosalind Laker. Her dedication reads:

To the Memory of

Barbara Ovstedal a.k.a. Rosalind Laker
British historical romance writer
1921 – 2012
The dearest and sweetest woman, who was not only
my inspiration for picking up a pen to
scribble out the words for my first book,
but who graciously welcomed this American traveler
into her home and into her life.

Christine Trent with Barbara Ovstedal a.k.a. Rosalind Laker

Christine was a welcome guest in Rosalind’s home in Bognor Regis. Rosalind enjoyed the opportunity to help developing writers and give advice. One of her pieces of advice was to always make sure your historical facts are correct and that your settings are authentic. Christine has followed this advice to the letter in Stolen Remains which is set mainly in London in 1869, and is a great read.

Paul Ovstedal, November 2014